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QuayL's Beginnings

QuayL's Beginnings

Hi, friend!

Thank you for visiting my website, I am so happy and grateful you are here! In order to get to know a little more about my little jewelry business I thought I'd share a little about how I got started. 

I'd have to say I owe it all to my two little boys - which is why QuayL is named after them! Quayle is my son Peter's middle name, which was also my great grandmother's maiden name and my oldest is Anthony Louis, which is where the capital L comes from. 

Back to the beginnings, the first day I dropped both my little guys off at school/mom's day out I sat at my kitchen table twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do with myself. I had spent the previous three years serving them completely, which I wouldn't trade for the world! But at that moment, as I sat with nothing to do - I realized it was time to do something for me. 

I had started another jewelry business in college that I solely ran for several years throughout college and then with a full time job. I loved it and was such a satisfying creative outlet for me. At that point I was doing EVERYthing. I handmade each piece (think hand-knotted long necklaces, each piece was a labor of love taking about 45 minutes), ran the website, took photos, uploaded on the site, did trunk show, etc. Each piece was close to one of a kind so keeping up

with the website was exhausting.

QuayL Family Photo

Once I had I Louis, I couldn't possibly keep up with the inventory, so I decided to part ways with Stones by Kate. I thought my days with jewelry were behind me! Fast forward three years and I decided it was time to do it again, but different!

And that's just what happened. While it is still just me running the show, I now design the pieces and have them made so I can have more of a collection rather than everything being one of a kind. Everything is still small batch so you won't see many people flaunting the same QuayL pieces as you, don't worry!

 The day I came home and sat home in my kitchen was early September, I drew my first designs that next wee, I had my first designs in October, and my first collection in November. I was up late every night, figuring out the what in the world I was doing! I am a creative mind, not business (unfortunately!)! But I'm figuring it out along the way, and learning a lot about my strengths and weaknesses.

QuayL Jewelry

While I may still be in the one step forward two steps backward phase, I can truly say I'm loving every second. It's so fun and satisfying to have something for me and I truly think it makes me a better mom because I have my own special outlet that makes me feel like me. 

 I love fashion and style and I hope you can find something you love! Make sure you check out Kate's Favorite Finds as well for some wears to style with your new jewels!

My inbox is always open - I love to hear from y'all! Need some jewelry for a specific outfit? Need an outfit for a specific event? I would really love to help!


Talk soon!


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