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QuayL Holiday Gift Guide for Mom and Dad

QuayL Holiday Gift Guide for Mom and Dad

OMG how is it November!? Although I'm typically a very last minute shopper, I figure I should get a head start on holiday shopping this year since we'll have two new babies joining us soon and my production seems to be decreasing by the day, perhaps even the minute.

Anywhooo, I thought a good place to start might be mom, dad and in-laws! I've never done gift guides before but tried to find some good unique options, some tried and trues that we love, and things in different price ranges. Pro-tip: split with your siblings if you have any and do one nice gift rather than several small gifts. Easier for everyone!

The Accordion Book is something I do for my parents and in-laws every year with pictures of my kids. The book is magnetic so perfect for the fridge but also cute to have lying around the house for guests to see.

For your mom or mother-in-law, what better gift than a personalized necklace with either her kids or grandkids birthstones or horoscopes. It's personalized without the extra lead time it takes for engravings, so if you're last minute like me but love a gift with meaning - this one is for you!

If your family is a lover a games like mine, the Bocce Ball Set or personalized corn hole boards would make for a great gift for family gatherings. I was thinking of doing some corn hole boards with their ranch logo on it!

Next up, the Coravin! The greatest invention and gift EVER. Seriously. If your parents or in-laws enjoy the occasional glass of wine, but never seem to finish the whole bottle this would be perfect. You can take a single glass of wine from a bottle and it's like it was never touched. I've seen even some of the nicest restaurants using this gadget and it has raving reviews. I'm no connoisseur, but I've had a glass of wine from the same bottle over a couple months time using the Coravin and can't tell a difference.

For the cheese lover, how about a nice cheeseboard? My father-in-law is king of the charcuterie board so this idea is dedicated to him! But truly, a nice cheeseboard makes for a great serving piece but also nice tabletop decor! There are so many different types to match their homes like this wooden one or this agate one.

If your parents are still in the quarantine spirit or just love their cozies, you can never go wrong with the world's coziest pajamas or robe by Lake Pajamas or some new slippers.

Or how about you start them a collection? This is something my mom and mother-in-law do for my kids and I love it. It takes the thought out, but it's something special they'll have forever. For mom, these Baccarat lucky butterflies are so beautiful and come in an endless amount of colors. They look amazing spread around the house or placed on a tray all together. And I love the little Lalique fishies for dad, the perfect addition to a home office or bar!

And lastly, some new glassware for whatever their beverage of choice may be - Wine, whiskey, or water.


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